ECOCOAL new environmental technologies
ECOCOAL, s.r.o. New Envirnmental Technologies

Custom solutions (CS)

  • ECOCOAL,s.r.o. operate in its activities already since 1994 and during these period with pain to cooperate its business partners in a way that is contribution to all attending parties with a view to most satisfy customer wishes nad share in realization of his image
  • This relation is evolutio o­n business-friendly level with the view of satisfaction relative needs and requirements
  • We try to finding optimal common solutions for example at minimisation waste rise and handling at form of recycling, S/S technologies, chemical and biological treatment etc.
  • Similary for the area of secondary utilize of waste raw materials we offer possibilities of air and water purification or theirs ecological liquidation
  • We are prompt to share also o­n situation and projects that have not too optimistic expectations for customer but its pass for take its solve
  • Check o­n environment is entire part of relative cooperation

Ecocoal, s.r.o.
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